Top 5 ways to use our signs

Do you know how many times I hear "I love all your minis but I just never know what to do with them!" If that is you then today is your lucky day! Here are my top 5 ways I use our mini signs. 

1. Styled Wreaths

I usually have four ( I know this might be a little much but I LOVE wreaths! Ha) wreaths that are always hung in our home. All four have minis attached to them! I change them out constantly! Three of the wreaths are in places in our home that I see several times a day. Having our minis attached to the wreaths often are reminders to me to " Choose Joy," "It is Well with my Soul," Be Intentional," etc. Plus they are super cute!

2. Hostess Gifts

Do you give hostess gifts? I have to admit I really LOVE to take a hostess gift but often I forget! I know anytime I host and someone brings me a little gift it makes my heart smile. Not that we host to receive gifts but I think it shows so much appreciation. Because lets be honest hosting can sometimes be an undertaking for those of us who don't always keep a clean house! LOL! One of my go to hostess gift is our minis! They are perfect as a stand alone gift or paired with something simple like cocktail napkins.

3. Doorknobs and China Cabinets

Our minis are perfect to add a little extra to your knobs in your home. I know it might sound strange but I have found these are one of my favorite places to place the minis. I always have one on our backdoor. This is the door our family uses the most. Each time I open the door I see the word "faithful." It's a great reminder to our family as we leave our home that our Lord and Savior is faithful. What sign would you put on your doorknob? 


4. Congrats on your new home

Moving is fun, hard, exciting and frustrating all at the same time. Coming home to a bottle of wine and a cute mini sitting on your front porch will make anyones heart happy! It's a great simple way to say " Congrats and I get it" all at the same time!

5. Seasonal Decor

If you have followed me any length of time you know that I LOVE decorating and styling my dough bowl. And most of the time I always include a mini. Also, Christmas is my FAVORITE time to decorate and I use our minis EVERYWHERE! As ornaments, stocking tags, mixed in with our table decor, etc. 

If you have any of our minis I would love to see how you use them! Send me a photo or feel free to tag us on social media using the #princedesign. 


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