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Do you know many times I hear "I love your mini signs but I don't know what to do with them?" Well today I'm giving you all the ideas. I have 5 different ways I use our mimi signs that are simple and take little to no effort! No effort is the key for me LOL!

#1 Extra Space

Coffee tables, book cases, china cabinets, and shelves are all great places to use a mini. Need to fill in that "extra" space use a mini. Minis are great to prop up against a stack of books or  a plant. Use a small plate stand to sit the mini in for a stand alone look. 

#2 Wreath Decor

I use minis in most ALL my wreaths. Front door, pantry door, mantle and back door. But this wreath is probably the most important. Due to "code" there is an ugly outlet in the middle of my coffee bar.  In order to use my Nespress I have to use this outlet.  An ugly black cord is the last thing I want to see in the middle of my coffee bar.  This little wreath is perfect to put a mini in and cover it up!  Cute decor and cords and outlets are hid! Mama is a happy camper!

#3 Dress up your knobs

Door knobs, dressers, china cabinets, bathrooms, and entertainment centers are just a few places you can pop a mini on a knob to add a little extra piazza. Not a big seasonal decorator? This ia a geat way to add a touch of seasonal decor without having to go all out or put a lot of thought in it. 

#4 Tiered Trays and Dough Bowls

Tiered trays and dough bowls are all the rage these days. Adding a mini to them is another fantastic way to add seasonal decor to your home without a lot of time and effort. I mean let's be honest I'm sure most of us would love our homes to be decorate for the season but who wants to take the time! Changing out a mini or two in your tray or dough bowl is the quickest and easiest way to celebrate the season without a lot of thought or time!

#5 Gifts

You know I love a good "just because" gift and minis make the perfect door dash gift. They are super easy and require little to no effort. Throw it in a cute bag, add a little paper shred and if you want to get real crazy add a cute gift tag....voila  instant gift that anyone will absolutely love!  Use them for neighbor gifts, thank yous, new home owner, birthday,  really anything! I usually keep a few in my gift closet to make it that much eaiser. That way when a last might gift need occurs I have exactly what I need!

How can you up your mini game?

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