My Favorite Dough Bowls of 2019

If you have been around any length of time then you know I am obsessed with styling my dough bowl. As I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day trying to get inspiration I started to look back at my past dough bowl designs and thought it would be fun to put together my top 3 dough bowl designs from 2019. Hope you enjoy and hope it gives you inspiration for your 2020 dough bowls!

First up, is my last design from Christmas. I love the pop of color mixed with the gold Christmas balls and I think my favorite thing about the design is the Christmas lights. They gave my table an extra little sparkle at night! 

Succulents and a dough bowl! What's not to love! This is probably hands down my favorite from 2019. Not to mention it lasted FOREVER! For the summer I replaced the cute "Hoppy Spring" sign with last years summer watermelon sign. 

Last but not least a simple and neutral design. I used this last January and it was perfect to transition from Winter to Spring. Winter Whites mixed with Spring greens! Simple and classic! 

When you are planning out your dough bowls for 2020 remember one thing choose designs that bring your joy, not that stress you out! I hear from so many of you that you absolutely love dough bowls but get overwhelmed and stressed out trying to style it. Don't!  Find someones design and make it yours or even copy it! But make sure you love it and it reflects your style! Every time I walk past my dough I smile because I just love it so much! And so should you! 

Happy designing and Cheers to new dough bowls in 2020!

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