Giving Thanks in the Simple Things

Giving Thanks in the Simple Things

In a world completely focused on self, I've felt more compelled to teach my boys about gratitude in our daily lives. It's got me thinking about how and what I can do to help them understand and focus on others.

While there are tons of things we can incorporate as a family, I've decided to keep things simple, yet effective, rather than stress myself out with large, elaborate projects or daily tasks.

I found these cute gratitude books that are perfect for our family! They've allowed us to sit down, for just 15 minutes a day, and talk with both boys about what they're thankful for and why. And while everyday may not be deep and spiritual, it has definitely allowed doors to be opened for meaningful conversations. 

So, I encourage you to find a way, whether it's through a project, journal, or conversation, to talk with your kids or grandkids about gratitude  and how we can give thanks even in the daily, simple things of life. 



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