Easy Ways to Celebrate the Everyday!

Celebrating the everyday and giving intentially doesn’t have to be hard or elaborate like Pinterest might suggest. Instead it's really super easy and simple. I've partner with Bridgett from The Bright and Festive Mama to show you 4 super simple ways you can start celebrating your friends and family today. 

2 easy ways to give intentionally 

(Ideas from Heather at Prince Design)

1- Always have simple, neutral gifts on hand. If you have been around here any length of time you know I am a big advocate for a gift closet. This makes gift giving quick and easy for those last minute gifts. Things I like to keep in my gift closet are: Prince Design minis & notecards (duh!), small candles, cute coffee to-go cups, cocktail napkins, and cute gift tags & stickers. 

2- Don't over think it! Remember it's not about the gift rather than the thought. Your mama was right when she said "it's the thought that counts." It truly is. In todays world we are so caught up in ourselves that people are truly touched and appreciative when they are the ones being thought about. So keep it simple. Gifts don't have to be expensive!  A cute $10 gift often goes further and means more then a $50 ellaborate gift.         


2 easy ways to celebrate everyday

(Ideas from The Bright  & Festive Mama)

1- As a teacher, I loved finding ways to add daily, monthly, or weekly themes. Now as I Mama I find myself wanting to do something similar but now don’t have all the time in the world or a team to collaborate with. I’ve also realized it doesn’t have to be over the top to be memorable.

As a bright and festive mama, I’ve simplified that and use a monthly #hashtagholiday calendar I created to get quick and easy ideas to celebrate the everyday. 

Whether you’re celebrating Tater Tot Day and enjoying some with your dinner on February 2nd or Wearing Pink while enjoying tortilla chips on the 24th, the possibilities are endless.

2- I like to look at the calendar before the month starts so I know what to add to our Party Pantry bin. So what's in it for February? My go-to's to have on hand are festive plates, cups, napkins, sprinkles, straws, and this month some heart-shaped cookie cutters. To make things super easy we keep the Party Pantry bin on our kitchen bar so it's at our fingertips and ready to go. 

Pro tip: Each month shop for items that don’t say the specific holiday like “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Instead look for things that have designs, patterns, or in the color palette for that month. This way you can use them for more than just the one day.  Pink would transition into spring and red is perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July... so anything leftover from February can be used again later.


For more Tips and Tricks to help you start celebrating the every day follow Bridget from Bright and Festive Mama.

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