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Supporting small businesses has always been a priority for me. I am always humbled everytime I recieve an order. With so many big box stores often people decide to shop those before small business because they are convienant and quick. But small business are the heart and soul of this country and I personally believe we should all strive to support more of them. I know we can't always support finacially but there are so many other ways to support them. For starters, sharing with your friends  or sharing on social media are just as important as supporting with your wallet. Getting the word out about our business is hard! But you can help! Which is the whole reason for this new blog series. It is a passion of mine to help support other small businesses and cheer them on. This new blog series is just one little way I can help others share about their business. Also, I want to share with you guys other small businesses that I think you will love. 

To get the party started I want to introduce you to a freind I met on Instatgram. Meet Erica with Charming South Designs. Erica is a wife and mom of two and creates the most stunning doorhanger and wood signs. She helps women decorate their homes with her one of a kind framed signs and monograms, and teaches women how to paint their own door hangers.

Last week I asked her a few questions about her business and here is what she had to say.

Why did you start your business? 
Like most businesses, I started my business as a hobby first. After I had my first child, I quit my teaching job to stay home with him. Being a stay at home mom can be hard and this started as an outlet for me... something to do for me!

What is something interesting about your business that people may not know?
Each piece is made right here in my shop in Eastern North Carolina. I design and cut every piece using my CNC machine. Most people think my husband runs the machine but it’s actually me!

What is your best selling product?
The nursery name signs are most popular right now with our blank cutouts not far behind.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a new small business owner?
This is a hard one because there’s a lot to say here. Most importantly, pray and keep faith. Set boundaries to protect your family’s time. Keep pressing forward.

What is something you wish your customers knew?
How thankful I am for their continued support 

How can we shop with you?
You can shop on my website at or I’d love to connect with you on Facebook at Charming South Designs by Erica Maready.

Here are some of my favorite things Erica has created.

If you are in the market for a fantastic doorhanger or any kind of wooden home decor I highly suggest you checking out Erica's shop!



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