Celebrating your Besties made Easy!

Ever want to do something special and unexpected for your besties but just don't know what? Or not sure what she loves? I was like that! I wanted to show my sisters just how much they meant to me but never knew how or what to get them. Gifts have always been my love language so that is usually the first thing I go to when I want to "love" on someone! One of my favorite things to do is "drop & runs." Drop a little surprise gift on the doorstep of one of your friends and run ( well in my case walk quickly!) But I never could decide what they would like. Until now! I decided to create a bestie survey and ask my friends to complete it and return it! Now I know all their favorites and it makes "drop & runs" so much easier! If you enjoy surprising your friends with random acts of gifts but don't know what to get them download my friend Sisterhood survey and ask them to complete it! Now you know exactly what they love! 

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