10 Minute DIY Spring and Summer Door Decor

In my humble opinion a front door styled and decorated with a gorgeous wreath or a cute door hanger gives a warm, heartfelt welcome to your home. One of my favorite things to do is change out my door decor as the seasons change or to celebrate a new holiday. However, door hangers and wreaths can be expensive. Over the last few years I have began DIYing my door decor and have found that I can have more options and not break the bank. 

This year I decided to go with something very simple  and easy to make but I think it is probably one of my favorite door hangers I have made. I'm sure you have seen similar door hangers if you have spent anytime searching Pinterest for wreaths. There are a ton of varieties too this particular style. And anyone can make this because it's that easy!

So....if you are looking for something classy to hang on your door that will transition from Spring to Summer, you don't want to break the bank and you need something fast and easy to make I highly suggest giving this "wreath" a try. 

Here are the 4 things you will need:

-Tin Container with a flat back

- 14-18 Steams of whatever flower you decide on. I choose to use Lilac Stems  but any stem would work. Depending on how large your flowers are you may need more or less.


-Coordinating Ribbon

Once you have gathered your supplies this project will only take you 5-10 mins to complete. My container came with a rope handle but that was not the look I was going for so I cut the rope off and then replaced it with black and white ribbon. Next I placed about 2-3 heavy rocks in the bottom of the container. My container wanted to lean forward once I got the flowers in and it didn't sit flush with the door. So I added a few large rocks to the bottom of the container to help weigh it down and it worked like a charm. Now all you need to do is cut your stems to the length you want and begin arranging. Because I had the rocks in the bottom I didn't need any additional styrofoam to hold the steams in place. I was able to secure them between the rocks and had no trouble with them moving. However, if you feel like your steams need to be more secure then I would suggest adding a block of styrofoam to help secure you steams. Once you have your stems arranged, hang on your door, step back and enjoy! Super easy and super cute! Happy Crafting!





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